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How to Host a Successful Corporate Event

If your business is preparing for a year-end client event, keep in mind that of course you want clients and friends to enjoy themselves, but you also want to identify and accomplish a specific business goal and make sure your event increases your public profile and potential, or return, client base.

Here’s an interesting article from from a few years ago (Jan. 27, 2011) that identifies some keys to hosting a successful and significant corporate event. Not all of the advice will apply to all events and businesses, but it’s a quick read and there is definitely something in there for any business owner and/or party planner who’s working on their next, or first, client event.

If you are looking for help planning and/or pulling off an amazing corporate event, AMBD’s Event Planning Consultants have successfully planned hundreds for small and mid-sized businesses across the country including GRAMMY parties, dinners, cooking and art classes, adventurous outings, weekend retreats and educational seminars, and we’d be thrilled to work with you to make yours great. Feel free to contact us any time for more information.

– Jake

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