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Leave a Good Impression (With Your Business Cards)

While a business card might seem a bit outdated and unnecessary in today’s business world, if done right, it’s the best cheap marketing tool a salesperson or small business owner can have. You are constantly meeting potential clients and customers, handing over a dynamic and memorable business card not only provides your contact information and website, it gives a glimpse of your business persona and leaves a lasting impression.

The most important thing about a good business card is that it represents your business and is an accurate, if vague, extension of who you are. Are you an artist, salesperson, lawyer or trainer? You want to make sure the style of your business card conveys the right feeling and personality for a successful professional in your field. Whether that is vibrant, cool, buttoned-up, or goofy, make sure that card leaves a feeling you want associated with your business.

Beyond that, make sure you double check for typos and include all of your important contact information including name, title, company, phone number, email, website, and address.

If you would like some help designing and/or printing a great batch of business cards, feel free to contact AMBD to discuss how we can help.

– Jake

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